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Best Picnic Spot - Date 07/06/2020

Picnic at the park or at Cypress Meadows? We think our lush grounds and charming views are better for the occasion. #cypressmeadows #venturaapartments #62andover #venturaca

Happy 4th of July Weekend! - Date 07/03/2020

“America is a tune. It must be sung together.” – Gerald Stanley Lee #independenceday #july4th #july4weekend

One Call Away - Date 06/30/2020

We can’t wait to meet you again by the pool and have fun for hours. Until then, we are always one phone call away. (805) 651-3247 #cypressmeadows #venturaca #venturapartments #62andover

World Beatles Day - Date 06/25/2020

Any Beatles fans here? Then you surely know it’s #WorldBeatlesDay! Play your favorite songs and enjoy a musical trip back in time. #thebeatles #allyouneedislove

Cutest Roommates - Date 06/22/2020

Our homes feel livelier with a four-legged little companion walking around asking for attention. #pets #lifewithpets #petfriendlyapartments #venturaapartments

Support Local Businesses - Date 06/19/2020

We love supporting our local businesses and helping them thrive. So today, contact your favorite Ventura-based restaurant and order something from them. #venturaca #welovelocal #venturarestaurants #supportlocalbusinesses

Question Time - Date 06/17/2020

What's your favorite brew? A: Calming Tea B: Strong Coffee

Prettiest Views - Date 06/10/2020

It’s about the little things in life. Like the beautiful summery views you can enjoy from your Cypress Meadows apartment. Paint it, take a picture of it, savor it. #cypressmeadows #venturaapartments #62andover #venturaca

The Best Type of Decor - Date 06/08/2020

We all love collecting things like mugs, teaspoons, or even tiny cars. So why not proudly display them at home? They make great conversation starters. #collections #collectibles #apartmentdecor

CARL - Date 06/05/2020

Ever since 1996, CARL has been actively rescuing and finding loving homes for homeless dogs all over our community. Check them out and see how you can get involved, too! #venturaca #venturacharities #localcharities

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