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The Kitchen You Want - Date 02/17/2020

One of the perks that comes with moving to Cypress Meadows is having a convenient furnished gas range already inside your home. #cypressmeadows #venturaca #62andover

Happy Valentine's Day - Date 02/14/2020

Whether it's with a bunch of red roses or a trip, we all have our own ways of making February 14th special! What's your favorite Valentine's Day memory? #valentinesday2020 #happyvalentinesday #february14 #bemyvalentine

Rubicon Theater - Date 02/11/2020

Looking for an entertaining evening? All you have to do is drive 10 minutes to Rubicon Theater! This month's show is called Never, Not Once. https://bit.ly/2RxXxPd #venturaca #localtheaters #theaterplay

Home Sweet Home - Date 02/06/2020

The home that's just right for you is only a call away! Contact our team at 805-651-3247! #cypressmeadows #apartmentliving #62andover #venturaca

American Heart Month - Date 02/03/2020

February is American Heart Month, so we encourage you to know how you can keep your heart healthy. Don't forget to check in regularly with your doctor, too. https://bit.ly/2O3yXng #americanheartmonth2020 #heartdiseaseawareness

We Love Pets! - Date 01/31/2020

Take them to the vet for check-ups, keep their vaccinations up-to-date, confirm microchip information is correct, brush and groom them, and keep them active and entertained!

Patios and Balconies - Date 01/29/2020

Enjoy a little private slice of heaven on your own private balcony or patio. Every Cypress Meadows apartment has one to enjoy! What is your favorite outdoor space accessory?

Serra Cross Park - Date 01/23/2020

If you’re looking for a bit of exercise paired with a breathtaking view, visit Serra Cross Park. A historic wooden cross, hummingbirds, and a gorgeous view of the Ventura Harbor will greet you.

Meditate on Your Goals - Date 01/21/2020

Don’t forget to work on those resolutions you set! Cypress Meadows has quiet surrounds in a lush garden setting perfect for meditating on your new goals for 2020.

Volunteer and Build Community - Date 01/17/2020

Volunteering in your local community enhances everyone’s lives. Meet new people and help make the city where you live a better place - encourage your Cypress Meadows neighbors to join in on the fun!

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